Caille Bed
Caille Bed
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Caille Bed

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Caille Bed
Wood: Mahogany Wood
Foam: N/A
Built-in Drawers: 4 Maximum
Warranty: Uratex Foam
Inset: 2"
Frame Height: 14"
Brand: Blanco

Size Guidelines Mattress Size Frame Size Headboard
Sizes WxL WxL TxHTxW
King 72x78" 75.5x81.5" 4x60x75.5"
Queen 60x75" 63.5x78.5" 4x54x63.5"
Double 54x75" 57.5x 78.5" 4x54x57.5"
Semi-Double 48x75" 51.5x 78.5" 4x48x51.5"
Single 36x75" 39.5x 78.5" 4x42x39.5"

About this item
Choose the best bed for your bedroom, where you can find an uninterrupted spot for an extended period.

For someone who wants to end a day will need a bedroom to help you relax and reduce the day's tension. Therefore you have to plan your bedroom in such a way as to make you feel a good part of providing you with a good sleep where you can dream and relax.