Emily Bed
Emily Bed
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Emily Bed

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Emily Bed
Wood: Mahogany Wood
Foam: Uratex Foam
Built-in Drawers: 4 Maximum
Warranty: Uratex Foam
Inset: 2"
Frame Height: 14"
Foot Board Height: 24"
Brand: Blanco

Size Guidelines Mattress Size Frame Size Headboard
Sizes WxL WxL TxHTxW
King 72x78" 76x84.5" 4x60x76"
Queen 60x75" 64x81.5" 4x54x64"
Double 54x75" 58x81.5" 4x54x58"
Semi-Double 48x75" 52x81.5" 4x48x52"
Single 36x75" 40x81.5" 4x42x40"

About this item

Your better night's sleep depends on selecting a quality frame for your bed. Avail on Blanco Furniture today to find the optimal bedframe for your needs.

Depending on the style you select, the bed frame can also change the look and feel of your bedroom. Canopy bed frames, for example, can serve as statement pieces in bedrooms and draw the eye upwards, while upholstered beds can draw the eye down to the frame and add a touch of texture and pattern to a room that is otherwise neutrally styled.

Bed frames need to be able to withstand the weight of a mattress physically, too. As mattresses today evolve with heavier materials and more layers, it is as necessary as ever to need sturdy frames. A poor bed frame may make it possible for the mattress to sag or result in instabilities that require replacement of a premature frame. It eliminates the likelihood that you will have to replace the frame as quickly as you replace the mattress when a quality bed frame is chosen, which saves you money.