Lena Bed

Lena Bed

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Lena Bed
Wood: Mahogany Wood
Foam: Uratex Foam
Built-in Drawers: 4 Maximum
Warranty: Uratex Foam
Inset: 2"
Frame Height: 14"
Brand: Blanco

Size Guidelines Mattress Size Frame Size Headboard
Sizes WxL WxL TxHTxW
King 72x78" 76x84" 4x60x76"
Queen 60x75" 64x81" 4x54x64"
Double 54x75" 58x81" 4x54x58"
Semi-Double 48x75" 52x81" 4x48x52"
Single 36x75" 40x81" 4x42x40"

About this item

You probably asking yourself as you read this, "Are bed frames really that interesting?" What is the point of this? Isn't it true that beds just sit on the ground?” Though you are not completely incorrect, there are a variety of reasons why having a high-quality bed frame is a wise decision.

A welcoming sight is a bed with a classy new bed frame. High beds will never go out of style, according to many talented furniture makers, because a nice box spring, a comfortable mattress, and a modern bed frame will create a beautiful whole without understaffing the bedroom. Yes, a high bed frame will make a bedroom feel peaceful and inviting.