Riley Bed

Riley Bed

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Riley Bed
Wood: Mahogany Wood
Foam: Uratex Foam
Built-in Drawers: 4 Maximum
Warranty: Uratex Foam
Inset: 2"
Frame Height: 14"
Brand: Blanco

Size Guidelines Mattress Size Frame Size Headboard
Sizes WxL WxL TxHTxW
King 72x78" 76x84" 4x60x86"
Queen 60x75" 64x81" 4x54x74"
Double 54x75" 58x81" 4x54x68"
Semi-Double 48x75" 52x81" 4x48x62"
Single 36x75" 40x81" 4x42x50"

About this item

Riley Queen Size Bed with built-in headboard lights

Brighten your bedroom with this style headboard with lights on both sides and a bed frame with 2 drawers attached to it.