Stacy Bed

Stacy Bed

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Stacy Bed
Wood: Mahogany Wood
Foam: Uratex Foam
Built-in Drawers: 4 Maximum
Warranty: Uratex Foam
Inset: 2"
Frame Height: 14"
Brand: Blanco

Size Guidelines Mattress Size Frame Size Headboard
Sizes WxL WxL TxHTxW
King 72x78" 76x84" 4x60x76"
Queen 60x75" 64x81" 4x54x64"
Double 54x75" 58x81" 4x54x58"
Semi-Double 48x75" 52x81" 4x48x52"
Single 36x75" 40x81" 4x42x40"

About this item

Tufted furniture never gets out of style up until these days. They add elegance to every piece of furniture particularly bed frames. 

There are four drawers on both sides of the frame for use as food, clothing, or stuff storage, which can be stored inside. It is indeed slim by seeing, but quite practical and functional. How impressive right?